✓ Google Business Profile Pre-analysis

Prospect and Optimize Local Businesses on Google

Perform a Pre-analysis and help Local Businesses Maximize their visibility on Google, through a visual checklist, evaluation analysis, posts and categories, even before having the ownership or location management role

Pre-analysis accelerated demo

Heat Maps present a grouped view of businesses suggested by Google in the same segment, in an interactive way, where the profile of each business can be easily accessed with just one click

✓ Maps of Locations and Heat Maps

Discover competitors with Location Maps and Heat Maps 

Maps provide you with a strategic view of where each competitor is positioned in that region. They visually display their addresses and reviews, making it possible to identify areas with a higher and lower concentration of competitors, which is also useful for companies looking to expand their business into new regions

✓ Visual Checklist for Local Businesses

Visual Checklist with detailed and intuitive information  

Through the Pre-analysis Checklist, you can identify which items require attention in the company’s profile, obtain detailed information to resolve each issue, and subsequently use the Complete Analysis tool to optimize profiles in the best possible way

Otimização com Checklist Visual para o Perfil da Empresa no Google

✓ Competitor Ranking

Competitor Ranking based on reviews 

Discover who the top competitors are in terms of reviews in the region, obtaining strategic information about the analyzed profile and comparing it with the average reviews in the segment. Get to know the Top 10 most reviewed companies and encourage local businesses to obtain great reviews from their customers

Pre-analysis is the first step in the sales process, simplifying the presentation of services for
local businesses on Google and adding value to the delivery

✓ Pre-analysis protecting the Information

Hide incomplete items

Whenever conducting Pre-analysis with potential clients, it is possible to activate the option to hide incomplete items that require attention. This helps to protect information when necessary. Export the result of the Pre-analysis with hidden items to PDF and easily share it with potential clients

✓ Export of Pre-analysis to PDF

Export results to PDF in different formats

In addition to being able to export the Pre-analysis in standard PDF format, it is possible to export a version with hidden incomplete items (Minimized) in PDF, as well as export the Competitor Ranking based on Reviews as shown in the examples

✓ Unverified Business on Google My Business profile

Identify unverified businesses

Pre-analysis also identifies whether the business is verified or not (whether it has Owner or Admin management) and presents an easily accessible button, simplifying the process of requesting management of the location

Otimização de Negócios Locais - Verificação de Local
Google Business Profile - Pre-Analysis

✓ Unlimited Use for Prospecting

Run unlimited Pre-analysis

With GBP Check, you can perform Pre-analysis unlimitedly, being able to prospect as many potential clients as you want, maximizing your chance of closing deals as a Local Business expert

Local SEO Tool

Using tools and features such as Pre-analysis, Complete Analysis, Location Management, among others, working with Local SEO and becoming an expert in Local Businesses has become much easier, both for those already working in Digital Marketing and for those looking to develop new sources of income

Discover some advantages:

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Prospect more clients, saving time, quickly, organized and accurately

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Stand out from the competition and establish yourself as a serious and dedicated professional in Local SEO

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Help local businesses increase their visibility and ranking on Google

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Find improvement opportunities for local businesses through various types of analysis

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Improve the level of your service, tools help deliver better results

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Present something new to potential clients, capturing their attention and making a difference

✓ GBP Check Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension

The GBP Check platform uses two main technologies:

Google Chrome extension, where you can execute Pre-analysis features and obtain information from locations where you don’t have management (Ownership or Administration) of the profile

Google API, where you can obtain other profile information for excellent management through the locations where you already have ownership

* Google Chrome extension is not available through the Chrome Web Store

✓ Google Business Profile Review Analysis

Review Analysis 

Perform a detailed analysis of hundreds of business reviews and obtain an advanced diagnosis through 9 specific charts and grouped statistical information. Identify opportunities and challenges of the location through review analysis

✓ Google Business Profile Post Analysis

Post Analysis 

Perform a Post Analysis and obtain interesting information about how post management was performed on the profile, including charts such as post evolution and recent post history for the profile

Análise de Postagens do Negócio do Perfil da Empresa no Google
Análise de Categorias do Negócio do Perfil da Empresa no Google

✓ Google Business Profile Category Analysis

Category Analysis

Categories are the item with the highest influence on Google ranking

Perform a category analysis by segment or by keywords and identify opportunities for improving customer profiles, as well as discover new potential clients

Prospect Google Local Businesses

Prospect Local Businesses and Delight New Customers ❤️ 

Analyzing and prospecting local businesses that you don’t currently have access to as an administrator or owner has never been so easy!

Stand out from the competition and win new customers with accuracy and results..

Pré Análise - Perfil da Empresa no Google