✓ Google Business Profile Performance

Insights with Visual Comparison for the Company Profile on Google

The Insights module is one of the most powerful tools in the market for tracking the performance of Google Local Businesses. Have full control to view and compare metrics, as well as export the results to PDF and CSV

Performance - Perfil da Empresa no Google

✓ Access Historical Data from the Last 18 months

Access to 18 months of Metric History

When viewing the profiles for which you already have Administrator or Owner access on the Google Business Profile, you already have access to 18 months of metric history, allowing you to compare, for example, the same period from the previous year

✓ Versatile Period Selector

Period Selector with Pre-configured Filters

Through the Pre-configured Filters, selecting specific periods becomes an easy task using the Insights module.

✓ Aggregated Results for Easy Visualization

Results Aggregator

Aggregate results on a Daily, Monthly, or Weekly basis, which facilitates the interpretation of the results presented over the period.

✓ Interactive Graphs

Interactive Graphs  

The Insights module features interactive graphs that allow for easy navigation and the option to save as an image.

✓ Download in PDF, CSV, and with Comments

Download in PDF, CSV, and with the option to include Comments

In addition to downloading Insights in PDF format, you can also download the data in CSV for more technical analysis. Additionally, you can include your insights analysis conclusions in comments and download the result in PDF to send it to your clients.

Your comments are saved for periodic use

Explore the Insights Graphs:

✓ Views

Business Views

The platform and devices people used to find your profile

✓ Evolution

Views Evolution

The Google services customers used to find your company

✓ Interactions

Interactions with the Profile

Interactions include calls, messages, requests for directions, and website visits made from the Business Profile

✓ Calls made from your Business Profile


Phone calls made to your Business Profile

✓ Route Requests

Route Requests

Route requests to your Business Profile

✓ Website Visits

Website Clicks

Website clicks made from your Business Profile

✓ Interações por Dia

Interactions by Day of the Week

User actions taken, divided by days of the week, such as Phone Calls to the Profile, Route Requests, Website Visits

Period Comparison

✓ Overview of the Comparison

Control Panel

Compare period intervals of the last 18 months through the comprehensive comparison control panel of GBP Check Insights

✓ Views Comparison

Business Views Comparison

Comparison of the platform and devices people used to find the profile

✓ Interactions Comparison

Profile Interactions Comparison 

Compare interactions such as calls, messages, route requests, and website visits made to the Business Profile.

✓ Calls Comparison

Calls Comparison

Comparison of calls made to your Business Profile

✓ Route Comparison

Route Request Comparison

Compare the route requests made to your Business Profile

✓ Website Views Comparison

Website Visits Comparison

Compare the clicks performed by users to access your Business Profile’s website.

✓ The Insights that Make a Difference

Succes Starts with Insights

Who said insights can’t be fun? Join us and explore a whole new side of your business

Insights - Google Meu Negócio e Perfil da Empersa