✓ Google My Business Keywords

Keywords for Google My Business and Business Profile

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Keywords for Google My Business and Business Profile

✓ 18 months’ worth of data history

Access to 18 months of Keyword History

When viewing the profile you manage as an Administrator or Owner on Google My Business, you already have access to 18 months of keyword history, enabling you to track the entire evolution of the terms that triggered the profile, displaying it in search results

✓ Versatile Filter

Keyword Filter

Utilize keyword filters to discover new terms that have started triggering the profile in recent months, find words that no longer appear in the profile, and identify any keyword with consecutive growth or decline in the profile

✓ What triggered the profile

Number of keywords that triggered the profile per month

Track evolving reports of the quantity of keywords that triggered the Google My Business profile and Company Profile on Google every month

✓ Google My Business Keyword Comparison

Keyword Comparison

Select up to 10 keywords and compare their month-to-month evolution through ranking and impression graphs

✓ Performance

Keyword Performance

Discover the performance of each individual keyword that triggered the profile, understand its frequency, and the month in which it gained the most prominence

✓ Export in various formats

Download data in PDF and CSV

Download keyword reports in PDF format or historical data in CSV format, allowing for further technical-level processing

Keywords for Google My Business and Business Profile

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