✓ Performance Report

Performance Report for Google My Business and Business Profile 

The Performance Report compiles the most relevant business information in an easily understandable format, which can be automatically sent to the client via email

The report can be set up to be sent bi-weekly or monthly.

Relatório de Performance

✓ Complete Performance Report

Complete Report

The report begins with a comprehensive Profile Health Analysis, followed by sections on Insights, Engagement, Reviews, Owner’s Media, Customers, Posts, and Services

It’s important to perform an initial optimization to ensure that the analysis score is good before sending it to the final client.

✓ Insights

Business Insights

The Insights provide metrics for three key aspects of the profile, including graphs and customized information about the business’s performance

✓ Engagement 

Business Engagement 

In the Engagement section, metrics for four aspects of the profile are displayed, accompanied by graphs and customized information about the engagement

✓ Reviews

Business Reviews  

This section encompasses eight aspects of profile review analysis, including graphs, tables, standout keywords, and other customized information for the business

✓ Posts 


Through the post metrics, four aspects of the profile are highlighted, including graphs and tables with strategic data about the posting history

✓ Services


The Services section displays a list of pre-selected services for the profile, which are already registered on Google, as well as custom-created services

✓ The performance that makes a difference

Build customer loyalty with the Performance Report

Provide recurring services and set up the performance report to be automatically sent to your clients

Relatório de Performance do Google Meu Negócio