✓ Google Business Profile Health Check

Complete Health Check

Having Administrator or Owner access to the Business Profile, perform a Complete Analysis to check for any items that can be improved in the profile.

The GBP Check will import the list of locations you have access to on business.google.com

Performing Complete Health Check

✓ Reports sent automatically

Send reports via e-mail

Set the automatic sending of the Performance Report in PDF to your clients:

The report is sent via email periodically, either biweekly or monthly.

You can set up multiple email addresses for sending the report, which is useful for businesses with multiple partners.

✓ Sharing the analysis with the client

Share the Complete Health Check

Allow your clients to track the status of the Profile Health Analysis by sharing access to the screen through a sharing link and access code.

This way, the client can closely participate in monitoring the progress of the project.

✓ Visual Checklist for Local Businesses

Intuitive Visual Checklist

With the Complete Health Check provided by GBP Check, you can visually identify all items with improvement opportunities and work with precision.

As you resolve pending issues and perform a new analysis, the status of each item turns green, typically within a few minutes after implementing the improvement. This results in an agile and accurate process.

✓ Export Results to PDF

Download Result in PDF

Export the analysis results to PDF and share them with your clients whenever you want.

The reports are exported in a detailed and expanded format, providing the status of the latest analysis and ensuring easy understanding for the client.

✓ Recurring Management for Local Businesses

Recurring Management

Enable Automatic Update and Show in Location Management to offer recurring management services to your clients.

Through Location Management, the tool monitors events that require actions, such as Responding to Reviews, Posting New Updates, Answering Questions, and also monitors the profile’s status to reduce the chance of long periods of profile suspension, if it occurs.

The purpose of this module is to allow you to sell support and management services with monthly or periodic billing to your clients whenever you want.

✓ Prospect Potential Clients

Prospect Clients

If you do not have Administrator or Owner access to the Business Profile, you can use the Pre-Analysis module to prospect potential clients:

Explore the Pre-Analysis

To subscribe to GBP Check, click the button below:

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