✓ Locations Management

Locations Management for Google My Business and Business Profile

Location management helps you monitor profile items that require periodic updates, such as Adding a new Photo, Creating a Post, Responding to Questions, Addressing Reviews, and most importantly, Monitoring Profile Status:

If the profile gets suspended or goes inactive, the tool alerts you with a warning sign.


Gestão de Locais

✓ Setting up Location Management

Enable Location Management

Access Location Options through Complete Analysis and activate the options for Automatic Analysis and Show in Locations Management.

This way, the location will be monitored daily, allowing you to see all necessary updates.


✓ Centrally Monitor

Monitor profiles, make updates, and handle them regularly

View all items that require periodic updates on the profile centrally through the Locations Management menu.

It’s possible to monitor dozens of profiles simultaneously and offer professional Google management services, charging on a recurring basis.

Gestão de Locais - Monitoramento Periódico
Location Management for Google Business Profile

✓ Be an Exceptional Manager

Professional management is with GBP Check!

Become a specialized agency in recurring Google Profile Management and rely on GBP Check to assist you. We’re here for that ❤️