GBP Check Features

Google Business Profile Analysis and Optimization Tool

GMB Check

GBP Analysis and Optimization Tool

Automatically analyses more than 25 items from your Google Business Profile location, providing you with a score and detailed information to help you through the profile optimisation process

GBP Manual Health Check

Explore interesting items that can be configured in your GBP location and increase your engagement and raking possibilities with Google

GMB Manual Health Check

Google Business Profile Insights

GBP insights in a super detailed level with daily charts and historical information for the latest 6 months, filters by specific periods and PDF data export

Complete My Business Insights

Health Check Evolution

Shows the Health Check Analysis evolution, providing information that can be analyzed with Insights

Agency Plan

Linked Accounts

Support multiple Google Business Profile email management accounts, so you can centralize all GBP locations with a single login

Automatic Health Check

Automatic daily running of health check analyzes that can be configured by location and automatic logging of Health Check Evolution changes

E-mail notifications

Scheduled Analysis and Monitoring of the scores for each location and sending alerts by email in case of lower scores

Business Share

Share, for a personalized period, the Complete Health Check Analysis screen to your customers, through a link and access code

White Label Reports

Customize with your logo and export detailed PDF reports to your customers professionally

Complete My Business Insights

Google Business Profile Insights

GBP insights in a super detailed level with daily charts and access to preview insights from the last 18 months, filters by specific periods, historical storage and PDF exporting

Agency Utilities

Business Report

Exclusive and detailed GBP location report, that analyses and show information from historical data storage on Google, such as view analysis, Google growth analysis, media analytics, reviews evolution and more

Review Cards

Exclusive and Customisable Review Card generator for your customers, with two types of cards (to be sent by instant message), with a rate button and direct link to the review screen, as well a QR code card, that can be printed and shared with customers to review on the spot

Create a Quote

Tool developed to create service proposals, allowing you to register the services you offer, as well as their price (eg Google Business Profile Optimization, Photography, consulting, etc.), multiple item calculation, installment, discount and bonus options, allowing you to generate personalized PDF with your name and logo to be sent to the customer

Category Search Tool

Instant keyword category search tool, helping you quickly find out if your customer is using the best main category for their business, as well as finding additional categories. 

Location Management

Manage Locations centrally and automatically: Through daily analysis, the tool monitors the health of the location and informs all items that need updating, such as updating owner’s media, posts, unanswered questions, unanswered reviews, among others aspects including warning of location status in case it becomes disabled, suspended, duplicated

Location Management